This portfolio performs a set of submitted projects to the date. There is an extra section where I show current work as well,called In Progress.
Between 2000 and 2014 my professional concerns were set on academic achievements. Learned most of my professional skills at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura -E.T.S.A.M.-, Universidad Politécnica, in Madrid. In Addition, got a yearly scholarship at the College of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago.

Attitude & Method

I usually deal incoming projects with dedication and will. Being continuous during working hours, I often take into practise the proverb Little by Little the Way is Walked Along.

My aim to practise at work are to draw both practical and responsible solutions.

To achieve that it is recommended to spend some time in getting main documentation at first: the Site's Environmental facts, the Economic and Social context and practical issues -use and program-.

Thus I create a general idea of the project. Then brainstorming takes place, which means to dive into a caothic, unbalanced, dramatically spontaneous, introspective and productive process.

I take into account that an apparently simple piece of work can be sofisticated within itself. According to that my projects are as tidy and clear as possible, without losing their own character. To Sum Up, brainstorming's chaotic process must produce real proposals to get built forward. The more structural and constructive the project is, the better.

Water Houses and 500 Homes
                    Image from the Master Thesis WATER TOWERS AND 500 HOMES